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Academic Areas

The student associations can work under any of our learning models.

The PYP’s holistic approach prepares students to become active participants in their learning experiences and in the world around them, to be positive team members, to understand the importance of lifelong learning, and to respect themselves and others.
Age range: 3-12

Activities and Cultural Experiences

Our trips and cultural experiences play an important role in the development of global citizens and agents of change.
The American School provides students opportunities to learn about Mexican and world history and cultural heritage.

Upon completing Preschool, our students:

Find themselves in the initial stages of the reading-writing process. They understand that language can be represented through codes and symbols and that said means are used to register, remember, and communicate information;
Can identify and interpret, respond to, and create a variety of visual stimuli, which they know can be employed for different purposes;
Understand that sounds are associated with objects, events, ideas, and symbols, and that spoken language has many purposes;
Can construct and transfer meaning to symbols and apply mathematical concepts in a number of situations;
Understand social studies and science concepts and content, and demonstrate a development of transdisciplinary skills;
Acquire developmentally appropriate technology skills;
Apply and adapt their fine and gross motor skills to a wide array of activities;
Understand the value of and learn from social interactions and play;
Understand the impact their actions have on others and on their surroundings;