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Student Groups

Our Student Groups can adapt to any of our learning models.

Trains a group of adolescent volunteers in the areas of first aid, basic attention, and rescue. This Student Group aims to provide Junior High students with important health-related knowledge as well as encourage a sense of service. Throughout the school year, group members acquire first aid knowledge and skills as well as useful and effective emergency techniques.
Generate a passion for mathematics in our students, which, when coupled with knowledge and logical-mathematical thinking, will allow students to solve highly complex problems.
Promote eco-friendly habits both within and outside the School and carry out activities focused on caring for the environment and planet. Members are expected to collaboratively organize and carry out campaigns, events, and activities as well as raise funds for environmental or social causes.
Offer students a space where they can discuss and reflect upon a number of topics and issues. Spark students’ interest in inquiring about the causes and consequences of the different phenomena all around them which will result in a well-versed and developed mind. New topics, regarding philosophy, the humanities, science, technological innovations, the environment, the arts, or recent social or historical issues, are discussed in each session.
Encourage members to be socially responsible people who believe in equity and equality and have a desire to raise awareness in the school community about issues related to diversity and social inclusion.
Encourage the reporting of incidents of school harassment as well as identify those who do not promote harmonious nor constructive relationships.
Spark interest in world events and encourage students to reflect upon how said events affect their everyday lives, how they themselves contribute to these events, and possible solutions.
Help students develop problem solving, research, speech, debating, diplomacy, leadership, and writing skills as well as how to organize and manage events, raise funds, and understand the workings of and participation in international forums.
Council members represent students and their voice in the School community. The Student Council is expected to use positive leadership skills in order to encourage the integration of the Junior High community as well as uphold the values and mission of the American School.
They also collaborate with the Community and Service team in carrying out athletic and community-building activities for students and teachers.
Develop communicative abilities required for students to interact with French speakers from North America and Europe.
*Student attainment of the DELF A1 and DELF A2 (junior versions) language certifications.
Curricular Programs

Activities and Culture

Our trips and cultural experiences play an important role in the development of global citizens and agents of change.
The American School provides students opportunities to learn about Mexican and world history and cultural heritage.

Upon completing Junior High, our students:

Obtain high scores on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam;
Obtain high scores on the CENEVAL’s (Centro Nacional de Evaluación) EXANI I (Examen Nacional de Ingreso) exam;
Are able to use PC and Mac platforms for educational and research purposes;
Value and are proud of their culture and respect that of others;
Can work in teams and are able to present their ideas to different audiences;
Are critical, reflective, and creative change agents;
Reflect our institutional values of responsibility, honesty, solidarity, and respect through their words and actions;
Understand the importance of physical, emotional, and mental well-being;
Understand the concepts of responsibility and freedom and their impact on an adolescent’s decision-making process;