Privacy Statement for Parents and Students

Puebla American School Foundation, hereinafter “CAP,” domiciled at Avenida 9 Poniente 2709, Colonia La Paz, P.C. 72160, Puebla, Puebla, Mexico, webpage www.cap.edu.mx, is responsible for the use and protection of your personal information to be used for educational services purposes, in accordance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals and Corporations, and hereby notifies you of the following:

CAP needs to collect certain personal information in order to carry out the processes inherent to educational services operations within a legal and secure framework that protects your personal data, fulfills the purposes outlined in this statement, and grants you complete control over the information that you provide us for the school year corresponding to the Educational Services Contract.

What will we use your personal information for?

For educational services operations, CAP will use the personal information provided by the Contract Signer, Parent, or Legal Guardian for the following purposes:

  • The admissions process;
  • The teaching process at the Preschool, Primary, Junior High, and High School levels, in accordance with the duly registered nationally and internationally accredited educational programs. This includes strengthening the integral formation of the student body in psychological, physical, social, and ethical aspects;
  • Campus access management for security;
  • Student health care and communication with authorized contacts;
  • The scholarship application process;
  • Invoice logging and transmission;
  • Reports to administrative, educational, and fiscal authorities in accordance with current provisions;
  • Reports to competent authorities for legal purposes.

Pursuant to the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals, in signing the Educational Services Contract, basis of this lawful relationship, the Parent, Legal Guardian, or of legal age Student or who will become of legal age (age 18) during the school year, agrees with and expressly consents to this "Privacy Statement for Parents and Students" for the handling of the Contract Holder's data, including financial information provided in the scholarship application process or the proper exercise of your ARCO rights (Access, Correction, Cancelation, and Opposition) request process, and allows the School to use, reproduce, distribute, or transmit video and/or photographs for academic, educational, cultural, promotional, research, and other activities inherent to its social purpose.

In addition, we will use your personal information for the following secondary purposes which are not absolutely necessary for educational services, but which allow us to better serve you:

  • Wait lists for prospective CAP students;
  • On and off campus, field trip, or school sponsored event safety;
  • Notices and reports for discipline or attendance records purposes;
  • Use of video and photographic images for promotional purposes and as pertain to CAP institutional relations on social media and other means of data transmission;
  • Marketing or publicity;
  • Graduate contact information, for career path tracking and special offers for CAP community members.

If you do not want your personal information and images to be used for these secondary purposes, you have 5 business days from the signing of the Educational Services Contract with the Puebla American School Foundation to request placement on the opt out list by emailing the Compliance Office at datos.personales@cap.edu.mx and filling out the appropriate form. To be placed on the opt-out list for images, please use the “Do Not Use Images” form and submit it directly to the Compliance Office.

Failure to indicate your objection at the Compliance Office either within that period or at the time of registration in cultural or athletic events will be taken as implied consent for the use of your personal information and images.

Disallowance of your personal information for these purposes in no way constitutes a motive for CAP to deny you educational services.

What personal information will we collect?

In order for CAP to use it for the purposes outlined in the Privacy Statement for Parents and Students, your information must be complete, true, accurate, and current. If you need to make corrections or update your information, please notify CAP as specified in this Privacy Statement.

CAP captures the following Contract Holder, Parent, or Legal Guardian's personal information via webpage, email, telephone:

  • Identification data: full name, place and date of birth, nationality, immigration status and data, Unique Population Registry Code (CURP), address, subdivision, city, postal code, telephone numbers, profession, occupation, and contact email information.
  • Parent or Legal Guardian employment information: occupation, title or profession, company or institution name and address, position, direct telephone or extension, work email address.
  • Invoicing Information: Federal Tax ID Number (RFC), company or institution name, fiscal domicile, town or city, state, postal code, and email address for digital tax receipt emission (CFDI.)
  • Bank account or credit card information for tuition and fee payments.
  • Family financial information recent proof of parent income, family number, student number, grades, year in school, photo, and birth certificate for scholarship application related socio economic study.
  • Student Information: place and date of birth, age, nationality, immigration status, Unique Population Registry Code (CURP), previous school, last grade completed, grade and school year enrolling/enrolled in, grade report, student's certificates, diplomas, and academic records.
  • Personal data of Legal Guardians or persons named as parents on the birth certificate. Information regarding legal student issues in terms of separation, divorce, custody or visitation rights, loss of parental rights, etc. Please submit pertinent judge-issued original decree addressed to the School Admissions Office.
  • Family information for case of emergency including attending physician's name, address, and telephone numbers.
  • Names of persons authorized to pick student up from school and emergency contacts including those listed on the "Emergency Dismissal Authorization Card." These contacts will be used by School authorities in emergency situations such as an earthquake in which the School deems it necessary for the student's health and physical safety.

In addition to the above-mentioned information, for the purposes stated in the “Privacy Statement for Parents and Students,” we will collect the following personal data that requires special attention because the Law considers it to be sensitive:

  • Health information: blood type, allergies, chronic illness, special needs, eating habits, height and weight.
  • Psychological information for student development tracking by School counselor(s).
  • Public hospital to be used: Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), Instituto de Seguridad y Servicio Social de los Trabajadores al Servicio de los Poderes del Estado de Puebla (ISSSTEP) or Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSSTE) and affiliated clinic information.
  • Private hospital to be used; name, address, and telephone number of attending physician.
  • Emergency contacts: names and phone numbers of relatives.
  • Financial information for digital tax receipt emission (CFDI).

When you access the CAP portal with your username and password, fill out the online Family Information form in the Mis Hijos (My Children) section, and provide the above mentioned data, you expressly consent to the use of your sensitive and financial information in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this “Privacy Statement for Parents and Students.”

With whom will we share your personal information and for what purposes?

Your personal data will be shared both nationally and internationally with the following persons, businesses, organizations, or outside authorities for these purposes:

Personal Information Recipient Purpose
Public Education Secretary (SEP), Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP), International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). To accredit academic records and to fulfill information requests.
Fiscal auditors and authorities, Ministry of the Interior for immigration issues, and express requests from Family Court or the Public Prosecutor's Office. To comply with competent- authority requests.
Insurance companies, hospitals, and physicians Health care and physical safety (except in case of emergency)
Campus-access photo and ID card vendors Security and Campus-Access Management
Hotels, travel agencies, airlines Study and field trip logistics
Association of American Schools of Mexico (ASOMEX), schools, institutes and universities, referee associations Participation in academic and scholastic events (cultural and artistic events and athletic competitions)
We require your consent for transfers marked with an ()

You may authorize transfers that require your consent as follows: Be reminded that should you deny your consent after reading this “Privacy Statement for Parents and Students,” those information transfers may not take place, preventing your student from participating in cultural, artistic, or athletic events or field trips.

In addition to the data-transfers required for your student to take part in a school-sponsored athletic, cultural, or artistic event or field trip, you will also need to fill out and submit a Medical Form and Parent or Legal Guardian Permission Letter in which you give the school express written consent for your student to participate in the event. Your signature on the Educational Services Contract implies agreement with this “Privacy Statement for Parents and Students” as regards the transfer of your student's health and physical safety information.

Without this information, we are unable to provide you with certain services requiring its use.

How can I access, correct, or cancel personal information or disallow its use?

You have the right to know what personal information we have for you as well as how we use it. (Access) You may also request that your information be updated or corrected (Correction); if you feel that we possess information irrelevant to the purposes described in this “Privacy Statement for Parents and Students,” you may request that we delete that information from our records or data bases (Cancelation); and you may disallow use of your information for specific purposes (Objection). These are known as the ARCO rights.

Requirements and procedures for exercising your ARCO rights are as follow:

To assert any of your ARCO rights as well as the “Privacy Statement for Parents and Students” please find the "ARCO Rights Request and/or Consent Revocation" form at the CAP webpage www.cap.edu.mx Fill in and print out the request form and attach the Parent’s, Guardian’s or of legal age Student’s identity verification documents and submit them:

  1. Via email at datos.personales@cap.edu.mx in the subject line, please write "ARCO Rights and/or Revocation of Consent," or
  2. Complete and in person at the Compliance Office in Las Ánimas Executive Towers, 4th Floor on Calle 39 Poniente #3515, Col. Las Animas, CP 72400 Puebla, Pue. from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, where we will help you fill out your request.
How do I accredit my identity as Parent, Legal Guardian, or of legal age Student?

Exercise your rights with the "ARCO Rights Request and/or Consent Revocation" procedure form which requires you to accredit your identity as Parent, Legal Guardian, or of legal age Student.

What information or documentation must be included with the request?

The "ARCO Rights Request and/or Consent Revocation" should include:

  1. Parent or Legal Guardian name, Student name, Data subject, family number, and identification information such as: date of birth, Federal Taxpayer ID (RFC); address, telephone number, and email address for us to respond to this request.
  2. An uncertified copy of Parent, of legal age Student identity verification documents (Voter Registration Card, Professional ID, Passport, Military Service ID, Immigration document) or an accrediting document in the case of Legal Guardian (Notarial deed which states his authority.)
  3. A clear and accurate description of the personal information for which you wish to assert any one of the above-mentioned rights, and
  4. Any other item or document which may aid in locating your personal information.

In some situations, CAP may request the original documents for collation purposes.

In the event that the Parent, Legal Guardian, or of legal age Student's petition is unclear, incorrect, or incomplete, CAP has 5 business days to request additional information. The petitioner then has 10 business days in which to comply with that request. Should this request be disregarded, the petition will be dropped.

How long will it take CAP to respond to the petition?

CAP will inform you of its decision within 20 business days of the date the complete access, correction, cancelation, or objection request, including all required documentation, was received. If the petition is authorized, it will take effect within 15 business days of the date of the decision notification.
Should circumstances warrant, the above mentioned time frames may be extended once for the same length of time.

How will CAP inform you of its response to your petition?

CAP will notify the petitioning Parent, Legal Guardian, or of legal age Student of its decision on the ARCO Rights Request and / or Consent Revocation petition by email with the above mentioned time frames. However, CAP reserves the right to deny assertion of ARCO rights when:

  1. The Parent, Legal Guardian, or of legal age Student fails to provide adequate identity verification.
  2. The personal information cannot be found in the database.
  3. Third party rights may be infringed as determined by CAP attorney criteria.
  4. Correction, cancelation, or objection has already been effected.
  5. There is a legal impediment or order from a competent authority restricting these rights.

How will the requested personal information be rendered?

In requests for access to personal information, once the approved "ARCO Rights Request and/or Consent Revocation" form and the Parent, Legal Guardian, or of legal age Student's identity verification documents have been processed, the requested information will be delivered via uncertified copies.

To assert any of your ARCO rights, please find the "ARCO Rights Request and/or Consent Revocation" form at the CAP webpage www.cap.edu.mx

For further information about the process, email us at datos.personales@cap.edu.mx or come to Compliance Office in Las Ánimas Executive Towers, 4th Floor on Calle 39 Poniente #3515, Col. Las Animas, CP 72400 Puebla, Pue., from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday to submit all of your request documents. Or please call us at 01 222 303 0412 to get help filling out your request.

Consent Revocation

You may revoke consent for CAP to use your personal information, but be reminded that we may not be able to handle your request or complete it immediately in the event that a legal obligation requires us to continue using your personal information. In addition, please keep in mind that revocation of consent for use of certain data may mean that CAP can no longer continue to provide you the requested service, or that your relationship with CAP will be terminated.

To revoke your consent, please find and fill out the "ARCO Rights Request and/or Consent Revocation" form at the CAP webpage www.cap.edu.mx in the "Privacy Statement for Parents and Students" section. Submit the completed form along with all requested documents to the Compliance Office.

The procedure and requirements for consent revocation are outlined in the ARCO rights enforcement form which you will fill out and submit along with the Parent, Legal Guardian, or of legal age Student's identity verification documents.
How can I limit the use or dissemination of my personal information?

You can limit the use or dissemination of your personal information as follows:

To curtail telephone, email, or postcard messages promoting our services and course offerings, send a request using the "ARCO Rights Request and/or Consent Revocation" form along with all pertinent documents verifying your identity as Parent, Guardian, or of legal age Student to the Compliance Office at datos.personales@cap.edu.mx

CAP will draw up an opt out list of those Contract Holders who do not wish that their personal information be used for certain purposes described in the current “Privacy Statement for Parents and Students”, or who do not wish to receive publicity from CAP.

Use of tracking technologies via our Internet portal

Please be advised that our webpage www.cap.edu.mx uses “cookies,” “web beacons,” and other technologies that monitor your internet behavior. This allows CAP to better serve you and enhance your CAP webpage navigation experience. “Cookies” are information storage files on the user's hard drive or browser that allow websites to recognize the user and to track user visits to these sites. “Web beacons” are files that allow websites to track your personal access to Internet sites.

The personal information collected via these technologies will be used for the following purposes:

  • Student registration in CAP's learning-community management system and tuition payment system
  • Invoicing and Student and Family Identity Verification and Confirmation Process

"Cookies,” “web beacons,” and other technologies may be disabled, excepting those which are necessary for that particular webpage or system to operate.
Please consult the help section of your preferred browser for details on how to do this.

Be advised that your personal information will be shared with the following CAP areas and internal processes only to carry out activities inherent to the rendering of educational services for the following purposes:

Personal Data Recipient Purpose
Admissions Assigning Family and Student numbers for school management purposes
Academic Areas Student lists, records, and logs for reports to academic accreditation organizations and student rosters by group
Accounting Fee, payment, and invoice records and management
Institutional Relations Publication of video and photographic images on social and other communications media for CAP publicity, Institutional Relations purposes, and ID’s.
Data Processing Academic Process programming, setting up groups by grade level, payments, scholarship records, invoice management, back-up and safeguarding of data and information
Media Center Class grade-level rosters for the library
Human Resources Educational and School Insurance procurement and coverage
Athletic and Artistic Education Formation of teams and tournament participant lists and School Cultural, Fine Arts, and Athletic event logistics
External Auditors and Competent Authorities As required by authorities per duly justified documentation
Physicians and Hospitals Emergency medical and special needs care

CAP protects your personal information within the required legal and secure framework that allows you to manage the information that you provide us.

Where can I find updates to the “Privacy Statement for Parents and Students”?

CAP reserves the right to make changes and updates to this “Privacy Statement for Parents and Students” at any time in response to legal or employment provisions, internal policies, or new requirements for providing our course offerings and services. CAP will send a memo informing you of changes and updates to this document. We suggest that you consult our webpage regularly at www.cap.edu.mx for the most recent version and updates to our “Privacy Statement for Parents and Students.”

Updated: August 15, 2018

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