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Bilingual Stimulation
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is an educational program that prepares your child to acquire English as a first language while developing Spanish communication skills through fun activities in an inviting atmosphere.

Your child receives the building blocks for acquiring another language. He also learns social skills that will facilitate his transition into preschool without the difficulties that can arise for children who have not taken part in an educational program before beginning their formal schooling.

Parents of Bilingual Stimulation students learn to better understand each stage of their child’s development from 3 months to 3 years of age. They learn childrearing techniques and play skills that transfer easily to their home environment

Babies and children at this stage of development require consistent routines that favor their learning, so classes follow a structured order:

  • Welcome and warm-up.
  • Physical activities, including language and socialization development.
  • Manual, artistic, sensory, and contact-with-nature activities to stimulate creativity.
  • Relaxation and dismissal.

Experience has shown that the children who participate en in the Bilingual Stimulation Program do not experience problems adapting to the school environment once they join the Preschool. Children who have not participated in any academic activities previous to Pre K tend to experience separation anxiety from their parents during several hours once they join the school environment.

Additionally, children who have participated in the Bilingual Stimulation program are used to follow routines and instructions something that helps their transition into school life once they start Pre K.

Children who go through the Bilingual Stimulation program do not undergo further screening, but are admitted directly in to the American School Preschool program.