Puebla American School Foundation is a space where minds grow in an atmosphere of freedom. Our students learn to be critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, skilled users of technology, and clear communicators in both Spanish and English.

Respect, responsibility, and integrity are the essential values that shape our students as citizens of the world who will make positive contributions to their community and make the world a better place.

We respect human diversity and individuality, gender, age, nationality, race, creed, religion, physical and socioeconomic condition, political belief, sexual orientation, and ethnic and cultural origin.

We form students who are responsible for and accept the consequences of their own actions, understand different realities, and create opportunities to contribute solutions to social and environmental problems.

We aim to strengthen integrity through a culture of truthfulness and honesty. Our culture of truth and honesty aims to strengthen integrity and shape behaviors that are in keeping with the values of the School and the individual.

Our commitment to education transmits enthusiasm for life-long learning, and we accept the challenge of working towards excellence.

A great deal of the success of our mission, vision, and values is due to our community of supportive and cooperative parents. We foster understanding and communication with them in the academic, psychological, physical, social, and ethical aspects that are vital to their students’ formation.