ETS, (Educational Testing Service), the largest assessment organization in the world, has recognized the Puebla American School Foundation for its English language instruction

The TOEFL Young Students Series Community Ambassador accreditation acknowledges the American School's contribution to the success of its English language instruction for their youngest students.

Only certain schools are eligible for this award, which accredits them as members of a highly select group. Member schools must administer the TOEFL Jr. exam to at least 200 students every school year.

This examination was crafted for students attending schools with an international perspective in non-English-speaking countries where English is the language of instruction. TOEFL Jr. is specifically adapted to the emotional and cognitive development of very young students for a more precise evaluation of their English mastery.

Graduates of the American School of Puebla Primary have scored the maximum of 900 possible points on this exam, which other schools administer to their graduating Junior High students.

The results of the TOEFL Jr. provide an objective measure of the English level of our students upon completion of Primary School that is recognized by institutions around the globe.

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