Benefit Plan
Register your company

Through the Benefits Plan, you can position your company within the community of the Puebla American School Foundation: parents, students, alumni and staff.

As a member of the Benefits Plan your company will enjoy the following services:

  • Co-branding in the School's website in the Benefits Plan section.
  • Advertisement of the benefit in the School's social networks (Facebook and Twitter) when the Company registers the benefit for the first time.
  • Three spaces to place print ads in tabloid size (11" x 17"). The posters must be approved by the staff members of the Institutional Relations Coordination.

Requirements to join the Benefits Plan

The only requirement is that your Company offers an exclusive discount or benefit to the community of the Puebla American School Foundation during a full school year. The benefit may be renewed, modified or terminated for the following school year.

To join the Puebla American School Foundation Benefits Plan you need to send the requested information to beneficios@cap.edu.mx:

  1. Request, complete and sign the Benefits Plan Agreement
  2. Send the company's logo in .jpg
  3. Send a .jpg image in which the benefit is described, specifying that the benefit is exclusively for the Puebla American School Foundation community. Since this image will be used in social media the recommended measures are 1200 x 900 pixels
  4. Deliver copy of the Company's Privacy Notice or sign a confidenciality agreement.

NOTE: The Puebla American School Foundation reserves the right to refuse admittance to the Benefits Plan.