s American School Foundation of Puebla


High School
Student Organizations

American School Ecology Committee (ASEC)

This group seeks to form a global vision of environmental issues and a conscientious use of natural resources.

Students lead activities that promote ecology education in pro of the community under the slogan “Think Globally, Act Locally".

Committee of Social Interaction

This organization seeks to motivate the school community to practice creativity, take action, and perform community service to benefit social causes. The students propose, design, and carry out activities that create awareness and raise consciousness about social issues in the community.

Student Council

Student Council is made up of a student board and class representatives. Its goal is to integrate the various school community sectors through gatherings, cultural activities, athletic events, and social benefit drives.

Entrepreneurial Leaders Facing Challenges (LEAD CAP)

This is a group of young opportunity-seeking leaders who look to transform their ideas into potential realities for the future through workshops, talks, forums, and a variety of projects.

Poetry Slam Team

This group provides a place where students can feel safe and comfortable in the free expression of their ideas through Poetry Slam, an alternative to traditional poetry.

The goal is for students to establish lines of communication on the local and world level and to form deep interpersonal relationships and global community worldview.



United Nations Secretary Program (PASMUN)

Students are chosen for this group based on merit and their interest in global issues. Each year, PASMUN elects a board of 5 students as its High Command. Some of its main goals are to create awareness of the international community and the role that each person plays there; to foster positive methods of conflict resolution; to understand the world from a global perspective; and to learn to appreciate the United Nations and its values.

PASMUN organizes a number of activities such as International Week and PASMUN (Puebla American School Model United Nations) to promote their goals. (PASMUN).

Honor Society

This group is similar to honor societies in the United States and other countries, and seeks to recognize the high school’s most outstanding students.

The 4 pillars of the Honor Society are: Community Service, character, Respect, and Solidarity, Leadership and Academic Excellence: minimum 9.0 GPA. Candidates are admitted on the basis of these criteria.



Science Society

This group is for young people anxious to know and share the riches of scientific exploration and an important human activity. They apply the scientific method to daily issues of interest to the entire community.

The primary purpose is to promote science as a natural human activity, creating spaces for a greater number of people to access and discuss issues of interest. They create activities to encourage curiosity and the application of the scientific method while simultaneously raising awareness around the implications and applications of scientific knowledge within the community.