s American School Foundation of Puebla


High School
Graduate Profile

Puebla American School Foundation graduates:

  • Are ready to compete in the global arena and study at top national and international colleges and universities.
  • Perform equally well in both English and Spanish.
  • Have the academic preparation to achieve high scores on the TOEFL, CENEVAL, and SAT1 exams.
  • Have a global worldview.
  • Have a keen interest in and a deep knowledge of science and the humanities.
  • Are committed to their social environment and make positive contributions to their community.
  • Have total confidence in themselves as creative thinkers, action-takers, and problem-solvers.

1 The SAT is a world-recognized standardized test that is required for admission to U.S. universities. This exam assesses students’ ability to apply their skills in reading, writing, and math.