s American School Foundation of Puebla


Primary School

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP)accredits our bilingual program. The program focuses on the development of the whole child, taking care of his physical, emotional and cultural needs. At the same time it offers the student a solid ground in the main areas of knowledge: Mathematics, Social Science, Theater, Language, Music, Visual Arts, Science and Technology and personal, social and physical education.

We offer a relevant and meaningful curriculum with both a local and a global focus. The philosophy of the PYP program is expressed in a series of attributes that characterize the students with an international mindedness that allows them to take awareness in the points of view of people from other parts of the world. This program develops our students’ skills in inquiry, effective communication, and critical and creative thinking while fostering such attitudes as tolerance, respect, and responsibility. Together this attributes form the PYP learner profile..

The Primary Program:

  • Develops the ability to speak clearly and fluidly in a bilingual program with half a day in English and half a day in Spanish.
  • Follows and enriches the academic program of the SEP.
  • Fosters critical thinking in all areas of learning.
  • Builds transdisciplinary learning through 6 units of inquiry per year.
  • Develops artistic expression through music and art classes.
  • Includes physical education and technology.