Junior High School
Student Organizations

UN Club

Students develop leadership skills in this organization in which they hold democratic debates with their classmates and groups from other schools. Students take on the role of diplomats from around the globe and view the world from a variety of perspectives. They also analyze and propose solutions to issues that impact the world, the most important one being world peace.

Math Workshop

Students gain a command of the language of mathematics and they take part in two contests: Math Counts and the National Mathematics Olympiad.

Student Council

Members of this group are democratically elected by their peers to represent the student body before the entire school community. Student Council members are good positive role models for their peers in both their conduct and their academics. They promote the wellbeing of the student body and they, along with their faculty moderator, send projects and proposals to the administration for review and approval.

Environment Committee

Members create an awareness of environmental issues so that they will use natural resources wisely, have a better quality of life, and promote strategies for sustainable development within their sphere of influence. Students learn not only theory, but practice as well, as they take part in in-school activities and environmental improvement projects in the wider community.

Community and Service Committee

Our students embody values that serve them well as citizens of their community and the world. They are responsible people with a deep understanding and knowledge of the world around them. They discover their social reality and that of other communities and become aware of those communities’ needs. Students form a social conscience and a desire to respond to situations that require skill and support.

First Aid Club

We instill respect for life, solidarity, and a spirit of service with the use of basic first aid techniques.



French Workshop

We foster an attitude of learning as we encourage students to begin acquiring a third language.