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Junior High School
Frequently Asked Questions

IB is not a requirement for foreign studies, but it can facilitate admission to some foreign institutions.

The English evaluation will determine your English level. Students may change levels during the school year based on their performance.

The math skills evaluation is used to place students in the appropriate level of math.

Third year students take 2 standardized tests at the end of the school year: the CENEVAL (National Evaluation Center) EXANI I exam and the TOEFL exam. The school began administering the EXANI I sixteen years ago. The EXANI I scores range from 700 to 1300 points per section and globally. PASF graduates of 2015 scored an average of 1129 points on this test. The highest individual score that year was 1262 points.

To assess their English language level, third year students take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam. The highest score obtained in 2015 was of 656 points, just 21 points from the perfect score.

Yes. There are activities for students of all levels at all 3 campuses. Athletic and Fine arts Office announces the program at the beginning of every school year. Students are free to choose the programs they wish, and are expected to abide by program guidelines.

Our faculty is made up of both national and international personnel who teach classes in Spanish and English.

About 25 to 28. It varies by subject and grade level.

Students wear a dress uniform on Mondays and for special events. They wear a sport uniform on the days they have P.E., and the other 2 days they are free to wear whatever they choose, within the parameters stated in the student handbook.

Uniforms are sold at the store at the Las Ánimas campus.