The American School celebrates its high school’s 24th annual Honor Society ceremony

The American School transmitted the high school’s 24th annual Honor Society ceremony on Thursday, February 18, 2021. 

The hard work and academic as well as extracurricular efforts of Honor Society members were recognized during the ceremony.  Members are examples of the Society’s 4 main pillars: leadership, academic excellence, community service, and entrepreneurship. 

Also present at this event were Ms. Donna Swenson, American School General Director, Ms. Kimberley McFarland, high school principal, Ms. Suzanne Keen, primary principal, special guests Nicole Fuentes Kraffczyk and Horacio Fernández as well as students, teachers, and parents.

Mr. Felipe Gutiérrez opened the ceremony by introducing presidium members and thanking parents for their continuous support and dedication.  Isabella Romero, Honor Society president, shared an inspiring message with the audience, welcomed new members, and congratulated current ones.

Nicole Fuente Kraffczyk, an American School alumna and Positive Psychology expert, gave a talk about happiness and shared her American School and professional experiences.  On a final note, she invited students to discover as well as make concerted efforts to reach their life purpose.

The next part of the evening was the candle lighting ceremony, representing the Honor Society’s 4 pillars.  Miguel Paulhus, Isabella Romero, Andrea Fierro, and Natalia Benítez were in charge of said part.

Horacio Fernández, distinguished alumnus, pianist, composer, and current student at the The Juilliard School, talked about his American School experiences, thanked his teachers for encouraging him to pursue his musical career, and invited students to speak up and become positive agents of change. The audience was able to enjoy an online collaboration between Horacio Fernández and alumna Christian García, currently a dancer at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater.  It was, without a doubt, a wonderful demonstration of their amazing artistic talents.

The ceremony closed with congratulations for members who had completed their second year, and some final words from Nicole Fuentes Kraffczyk.  She spoke with students about the importance of happiness, to start figuring out what they are passionate about, and to begin doing these things as soon as possible.

Special congratulations to all Honor Society members as well as to all those who made this event possible.