Our students interact with nature to learn from it

The Puebla American School adapts its facilities, on the Primary campus, to offer a refuge to birds and other species, designing a friendly and ideal atmosphere through the conservation of various species of carefully selected plants and flowers.

In the Bird Sanctuary, our students interact with plant species such as Salvia, Cempasúchil, Lantana and Cosmos; By observing and caring for this environment, they learn from nature and develop a special affection for the earth. It is a laboratory garden in which students learn science through science.

In addition, students keep a log book in which they record the species that they have managed to observe and that manifested themselves thanks to the conditions of the space. Through this theoretical-practical project, children learn that they themselves, in their homes, can design and offer a space for other species to coexist in harmony, as well as contribute to reducing the environmental crisis with actions that generate positive change. 

In addition to contributing to the environment, students admire the garden as it grows and find it a safe and beautiful space, which contributes to their socio-emotional well-being. Being surrounded by nature contributes to their emotional development, while they develop academic knowledge and skills.