Academic Programs

The American School is part of the International Baccalaureate World School system, which means that we are authorized to implement its programs.
The International Baccalaureate® (IB) offers a continuum of international education programs. Said programs aim to motivate students to reach their full potential, both academically and personally.

ASF Puebla Grades K1 K2 K3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
IB Program PYP MYP Diploma Program
AP / Pre-AP Program Pre-Ap Advanced Placement
SEP / BUAP Program Preschool Primary School Junior High High School
  • Primary Years Program (PYP)
  • Middle Years Program (MYP)
  • Junior High’s Pre-AP program
  • Diploma Program (DP)
  • Honors Program

The PYP’s holistic approach prepares students to become active participants in their learning experiences and in the world around them, to be positive team members, to understand the importance of lifelong learning, and to respect themselves and others.
Age range: 3-12

Each student’s success is measured in terms of ‘levels of achievement’ across the different subject areas. The level of achievement attained on each criterion is decided by the course instructor as well as through a standardization process with teachers of the same subject area.
The Middle Years Program is the second of the four programs that constitute the IB continuum, which is implemented in the American School. The program is implemented in 7th grade (MYP II), 8th grade (MYP III), 9th grade (MYP IV) and 10th grade (MYP V at the high school).
The MYP is for ages 11 through 16, is driven by a conceptual framework, and encourages learners to become critical, creative, and reflective thinkers.
The learner is at the heart of the MYP curricular model. Said model values the process of learning as much as the results and strives for an adolescent’s holistic development.

The Pre-AP program is for 9th graders and offers demanding courses that aim to build on, strengthen, and reinforce students’ knowledge and skills. Our Pre-AP courses prepare Junior High students for our High School’s honors program as well as university courses.

Diploma students come to possess a wide breadth and depth of knowledge and demonstrate marked development in their physical, intellectual, emotional, and ethical areas.
Age range: 16-19

Diploma students:

  • Come to possess a wide breadth and depth of knowledge;
  • Demonstrate marked development in their physical, intellectual, emotional, and ethical areas;
  • Study at least two languages;
  • Excel in traditional academic subjects;
  • Explore the nature of knowledge through the programme’s unique theory of knowledge course.
Honors Program

The Honors Program was developed by the American School and integrates Diploma Program and Advanced Placement courses. Please contact the High School main office for additional information.

Academic Coach

Students are encouraged to discover their interests, talents, and skills. Whether our students choose to study abroad or in Mexico, the academic coach guides them through their preferred universities’ admissions processes.
Activities/events include:

  • Career Day workshops tailored to meet student’s interests
  • University Fair
  • Armstrong test of professional aptitudes
  • Fully trained academic coach
  • Help students create their list of preferred universities
  • Guide students throughout the university admissions process
  • The American School is an authorized SAT and ACT test center

Education Technology

The use of technological tools in the classroom leads to the creation of a 21st century learning environment. 

Media Center

The Media Center plays a critical role in helping to create a school culture that supports biliteracy and digital literacy as well as encourages learners to read for pleasure. Students, teachers and families can acquire new knowledge and skills in addition to a new outlook on life-long learning. The primary purpose of the Media Center is to play an important part in achieving the aims and objectives defined in the vision, mission, and goals of the American School.

Each campus has its own Media Center. At present, AS community members can access a collection of more than 6,000 books, films, print and digital magazines and other resources as well as the EBSCO database and which are readily available for any of our three learning models.

Faculty Profile

Our teaching staff’s ample preparation and experience ensures that we offer our students the best possible learning experiences. Our students flourish in an international and multicultural learning environment that encourages them to express themselves in English as well as Spanish.