CAS Day: Creating a Positive Impact Through Creativity, Activity and Service

The Puebla American School embraces the philosophy of CAS Day (Creativity, Activity and Service), a special day that brings together students, teachers and families of our High School in a joint effort to explore and experience the transformative power of learning based on meaningful experiences, with a human approach.

CAS Day is much more than a day full of activities; It is a unique opportunity for the Husky community to awaken its spirit of service and have an approach to the diverse realities that make up our community, through experiential experiences.

CAS subjects encourage our students' participation in a variety of fun and meaningful experiences through engagement with various vulnerable groups and social causes. Our students identify their strengths, learn to face challenges, develop new skills; They show perseverance, develop empathy, work as a team, and generate commitment to issues of global importance.

CAS Day is a reminder that education goes beyond the classroom. We encourage our community to be agents of positive change and innovate with social projects that can mean an improvement in the quality of life of people in vulnerable groups, as well as a positive impact on the environment.

This year, we appreciate the participation of the following Civil Associations:

Asilo Vivir de amor

Best Buddies

Casa del Sol

Comamos y Crezcamos

HC Vida Nueva


Unidad de Quemados del Hospital del Niño Poblano

Albergue de HNP

Consejo Puebla de Lectura