Tri-Association 41st Annual Educators’ Conference

On October 10-14, 2023, the Tri-Association celebrated the 41st edition of the Educators’ Conference. This year, the event took place in Bogotá, Colombia at the Colegio Nueva Granada.  

Members of the American School of Puebla proudly participated as speakers together with people from diverse parts of Latin America and North America, representing American Schools that are part of the Tri-Association, among them, the American School of Puebla. 

This year’s theme was Exceptional learning in exceptional times. The speakers that participated from the American School of Puebla gave conferences focused on highly relevant topics such as well-being and mental health, as well as science teaching. 

The following are the speakers that represented the American School Puebla at the Tri-Association’s Annual Educators’ Conference and the topics they presented:  

Dr. Kimberley McFarland and Carlos Reyes: Teaching and Learning: Science, Mathematics, and STEAM
The objective of this interactive session was to provide resources to educators so they could integrate Math Literacy and innovative practices through applying mathematical and neuroscientific concepts and techniques;
José María del Castillo y Candy López: From the Pandemic to Socioemotional Well-Being
In this interactive session, participants learned about the American School of Puebla Well-Being Center´s framework, as well as strategies and actions that have been implemented to promote a culture of well-being in our school community.  

Congratulations to the members of the Husky community that represented the American School of Puebla in this international event, making the institution a clear example of educational innovation.

We invite you to visit the Tri-Association website to learn more about the conferences that took place this year: