The best of the Maker Culture is at Puebla American School

The Puebla American School is known for its innovative spirit as world class education, one which celebrates and encourages ingenuity, self-confidence, and resilience. Furthermore, students develop collaboration, communication, research, self-management, and thinking skills which ensure successful personal and professional futures.  As such, we would like to announce the opening of our new Makerspace, an area where learners’ curiosity and creativity will flourish as well as lead to the design of innovative solutions to real-world issues.

The Puebla American School’s Makerspace is equipped with a wide variety of materials, tools, and cutting-edge technology, thereby offering students the opportunity to apply science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) knowledge and takeaways to real-world based projects as well as inspiring them to become solution-oriented change agents. 

We invite our learners to let their imaginations roam free and to change their corners of the world, one idea at a time.