The American School's Primary: Students Ready to Change the World

Ximena’s Pink Power project allowed her to develop her research, critical thinking, and communica-tion skills, come up with solutions for the aforementioned issue, and encourage her classmates to become positive agents of change. She also had the opportunity to share her project, ideas, con-cerns and dreams with Pam Allyn, child literacy advocate and LitWorld founder.

During an online session, Ximena and Pam Allyn discussed that a first step in achieving global gender equality is by spotlighting women who have made significant contributions to their communities as well as the world.

Ximena and Pam agreed that reading must be developed from a very early age especially when one considers its impact on other 21st century skills. They concurred that literacy plays a key role in the development of powerful and well-informed female agents of change.

Pam Allyn encouraged Ximena to continue with her project, reminded her that all great changes begin with that all-important first step, and informed Ximena of her decision to become part of the Pink Power project.