Biliteracy refers to the ability of bilingual people to use their entire linguistic repertoire in order to understand and produce texts in both of their languages.

 In educational settings, biliteracy is developed in a continuous, flexible and dynamic manner. Students are provided with opportunities to use both languages as a communication and meaning making means as well as a medium through which they represent their knowledge about the world around them in a variety of oral and written production tasks.  

 At the American School, students begin to develop biliteracy as of Preschool and continue to strengthen their reading-writing as well as literacy processes in Primary. By the time they reach Junior High, our students can easily express their emotions, thoughts, beliefs and opinions in two languages ​​and in a myriad of ways. Our High School graduates demonstrate mastery of both first languages, English and Spanish, meaning that they are fully prepared to begin their university careers in Mexico and abroad. 

 The American School’s biliteracy program is built upon three key pillars, bilingualism, academic excellence in both languages, and sociocultural competence, which affords our students a global mindset, the ability to become active participants in a multicultural and multilingual community, and an extensive perspective of the world around them.