XXVII Seminario Nacional de Español (SENAE)

On November 10, 11, and 12, 2022  the XXVII National Spanish Seminar (SENAE) took place on the campus of the American School of Puebla. The Seminar’s activities are aimed at preschool, primary, junior high, and high school teaching staff from the various American Schools of México (ASOMEX), offering workshops, keynote addresses, plenary sessions, and itinerant courses. 

Participating with us were teachers from various states of the Mexican Republic, such as workshop leaders, speakers, and lecturers of a high academic level, with national and international distinctions, works published by prestigious publishing companies, and in most cases, widely known by those attending SENAE.   

Some of the workshop and conference topics were the following:

Development of Critical Thinking Based on Literary Strategies;

Reinventing Reading and Writing in Hybrid Educational Environments;

Specific Learning Difficulties in the Area of Language or Dyslexia? Myths, Realities, and Interactions from the Classroom;

Socio-emotional Education in the Classroom; 

Feminine Narrative from a Gender Perspective; 

Literacy and Autism Spectrum Disorder; 

Poetry: Another Way of Seeing the Classroom. 

Congratulations and thanks to all the participants in this edition of the National Spanish Seminar (SENAE). Our school community seeks to enrich teaching and learning through collaboration among educators.