Primary students develop entrepreneurship projects

As part of the Innovation class activities, fifth grade students participated in a Shark Tank simulation, developing innovative projects and entrepreneurship skills. By participating in this interesting learning activity, they learned about the importance of economic activities, as well as their social and environmental consequences, enjoying a fun-filled experience.

During the simulation, the students presented projects and products, created by themselves, before a group of parents and teachers who took the position of potential investors. This kind of experience allows them to continue developing their communication, persuasion and teamwork skills. Also, they develop critical and analytical thinking that allows them to evaluate the viability and sustainability of their projects, considering their impact on society and the environment.

With activities like the Shark Tank simulation, students of the Puebla American School apply their knowledge in a practical, fun and exciting context. Practical activities are an excellent way to involve students in their own learning process and help them acquire skills that will be useful to them in the present and in the future.


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