The Puebla American School will participate in ExpoCiencias Nacional 2023

On May 19, the ExpoCiencias Contest was held at the Universidad Popular Autónoma de Puebla (UPAEP), where for the first time the Puebla American School was part of the qualifying round.

In this event, the School, represented by 9th grade students Susanne Junghanns, Yesika Gomez and Carlos José Díaz, obtained accreditation for the first time at ExpoCiencias Nacional 2023 in Hermosillo, Sonora. The students participated in ExpoCiencias Estatal 2023 on May 19 with the winning project, STEM Tools for the explanation of linear motion and friction using tracks and Hot Wheels cars.

The project was developed in the School's Makerspace, with the advice of Dr. Uriel Rivera and Engineer Hugo Teutli, from the Educational Technology coordination. The efforts of the American School of Puebla to implement STEAM methodology and Maker Culture from preschool, develop talent, motivation and passion in students to be part of this type of event.

Congratulations to our Junior High students for this achievement.