XXVI Honor Society Ceremony

Academic excellence and commitment to fundamental values ​​shone at the twenty-seventh Honor Society Ceremony of the American College of Puebla. We celebrate this significant event in which leadership, academic excellence, community service and entrepreneurial character were highlighted.
The afternoon was filled with excitement and pride as students, parents, teachers and other distinguished personalities gathered to honor those who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to these fundamental pillars. One of the highlights of the ceremony was the traditional lighting of the four Syrians, each representing one of the pillars that guide the Honor Society: Leadership, Academic Excellence, Community Service and Entrepreneurship.
Professor Felipe Gutiérrez, a respected and admired member of the educational community, was the master of ceremonies. His keynote speech inspired those present by emphasizing the importance of cultivating these fundamental qualities in the lives of young people. He encouraged the students to persevere in their pursuit of excellence and to lead by example.
The Honor Society of the American College of Puebla is a student group made up of students who excel in all aspects of academic life and who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the values ​​promoted by our beloved institution.
This annual ceremony not only recognizes the past achievements of these outstanding students, but also encourages them to continue their journey with humility and service to the community. The values ​​instilled in Honor Society are not only tools for academic success, but also for building a future in which these young leaders will be agents of change in their communities and in the world.
The twenty-seventh Honor Society Ceremony of the American School of Puebla was a reminder that excellence and commitment to fundamental values ​​continue to be essential pillars in the training and development of young people. We congratulate all the recognized students and wish them a bright future, full of achievements, success and satisfaction. This afternoon, the Honor Society flame shines brighter than ever at the American School of Puebla.